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By Daniel Bernardi | June 14, 2005

The wife of one of Vera’s (Stacy Fields) customers calls in to complain that her husband is too obedient, claiming that he knows what kind of sex she wants before she even does and feels that the bondage might have worked overtime. The Wife is afraid she will lose her husband as his domination has taught him total independence giving her the fear that he does not need her. Vera faces her biggest challenge yet as she must now de-program her client to restore his usual lazy behaviour. Jenny (Cassandra Townsend) is upset of her being called ‘weird’ by one of her lovers after trying to set an orgasmic record with him which causes her to feel unsure of her promiscuity and she now wants to be in love. Only Jenny does not know how to talk to men, but she vows to try. Lorna (T.J. Myers) has crossed the line from avenger to just plain serial killer as she kills a man just for merely approaching her. The cleverest entry of the four, exploring the changes in the girls vices; Vera undoes her domination, Jenny learns how to love and Lorna is now a regular killer.

Some very funny lines in this film, my favorite scene being the de-programming of an overly obedient student of dominatrix Vera. The sharpest writing of the whole series which is the most light hearted of the three, surprisingly considering the maiming of an innocent man. Once you have watched this entry it feels like the running time exceeded four minutes as so much is packed into it, you take a twenty minute memory from a four minute reality. Well done!

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