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By Eric Campos | April 17, 2005

A few different breeds of filmmaker have given the horror spoof a shot – the hack trying to make a quick buck; the comedy group; the horror vet trying to gain some street cred; and now we have the indie horror filmmaker who, with great reverence, pokes fun at the well-worn conventions of the slasher film. Along with a cast of indie horror greats featuring Robyn Griggs, Lilith Stabs, Debbie Rochon, Jasi Cotton Lanier, Ryli Morgan and several others, Amy Lynn Best gives you “Severe Injuries”.

Melvin Hubble is the last in a long line of serial killers…well, wanna-be serial killers is more like it. The Hubble family line is chock full of maniacs, they’re just not very good at it. So it’s up to Melvin to keep it real, or rather, to make it real, by engaging in a bloodbath of epic proportions. But of course, he’s got that goofy Hubble gene and the bloodbath inevitably becomes a trainwreck…with some dead bodies along the way, so no major loss there. His point of would-be massacre? A sorority house, of course. C’mon, this is a slasher spoof, right? Where else is this thing gonna take place? Bubbleheaded sorority girls, a masked manic unsure of himself and, later, another wanna-be serial killer desperate for some blood on his own hands joins the body count competition. Good times!

I think the key to making this whole thing work that Amy Lynn Best and crew nailed is that everyone here gets the joke and they’re doing their best to project the fun they’re having with it to the viewer. “Severe Injuries” is a celebration (or roast, if you will) of the slasher sub-genre. It’s basically a party with blood and half-naked bodies and nobody is going to complain about that. Okay, so some people are going to complain about the blood, but we’re not going to worry about them. Basically, if you’re reading a review for a movie called “Severe Injuries”, you’re probably wondering to yourself – “Hmmm…I wonder if this is something up my alley.” And I’ll say – “Yeah, more than likely if you’re a straight up horror fanatic, it is.” Filled with plenty of clever in-jokes from writer Mike Watt and lovingly executed by director Amy Lynn Best and her wonderful cast, “Severe Injuries” is a gift for those with a love and knowledge of all things slasher.

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