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By Doug Brunell | March 23, 2008

John Jay Harper is “one of the world’s leading metaphysicians on the apocalypse [sic], the unveiling, revealing and opening of the third eye” and more. If that sounds like plausible credentials to you, then this “documentary” is right up your New Age alley.

“Science of Soul” is less a documentary and more of a narration/lecture that uses primitive computer animation and stock photos while Harper hypnotically pontificates on things like DNA, ancient cultures, star children, and prophets. All of this is set against a background of unending New Age/World Music that is sure to set saner nerves than mine on edge.

If there is a point to this film, it is lost on me. I challenge any rational thinking person to sit through the first ten minutes of the film without asking, “Where is this going, and why does this exist?” Hopefully you won’t have to watch it all the way through, and you can shut it off at that point (if not before). If you aren’t that lucky, however, and happen to make it to the end, you can be assured that your world won’t change; your third eye won’t be opened to any new ideas. This is the same old nonsense that has been drooled out by crystal gazers for far too many years now. The worst part? The filmmakers describe this as a documentary to “fill in the gaps left behind by ‘What the #$*! Do We Know?'” Yeah, good luck with that.

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