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By Doug Brunell | March 5, 2003

GG Allin’s live shows were legendary for always erupting into some kind of sadistic, scat- smeared violence. People were disgusted by what was going on before them, but they couldn’t look away from the spectacle. Percy Fuentes’ “Sand” has that same power, but it isn’t due to any kind of overt hostility on the movie’s behalf. You can’t look away from it because you are waiting for something … anything … to happen. Nothing ever does, despite the feeling that this animated short is building up to some sort of fantastic conclusion.
Fuentes utilizes rough animation to accompany various bits of dialogue that includes conversations on everything from standing on a roof and hearing old records to picking up hitchhikers (who are animated as slugs). These snippets of animation and dialogue are interesting enough to hold one’s attention for nearly fifteen minutes, but unlike the end of a GG Allin show, there is no climax. Of course, Allin’s shows usually ended with someone nursing a head wound while wiping feces off his or her face, so maybe it’s better that “Sand” just sort of fizzles out. Too much foreplay and no orgasm does not a good movie make.

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