By Merle Bertrand | October 16, 2001

It’s almost inevitable that virtually anyone who has a job must put up with an ultra-annoying co-worker. And it doesn’t matter if the workplace is a Dilbert-ish cubicle palace or if one works in the great outdoors as a forest ranger, irritating co-workers are everywhere. It’s just that most of us don’t have ready access to lethal firearms when we become highly agitated.
Yet, this fortunate safety valve doesn’t really apply when one is a hit-man — or woman — for the mob. This is why when Salvatore (Terence Rotolo) and Angela (Annunziata Gianzero) inevitably grate on each other’s last nerve while driving through the arid southwest en route to a hit, their instinctive recourse is to go for their guns rather than talk out their grievances in a conference room.
This is also why director Mark Wilkinson’s feisty but grating short “Sally & Angela” is little more than an excuse to stage extensive fight scenes between two snappily-clad fashion models. Most of the dialogue here is as simplistic as it is annoying in the same way that two kids bickering in the back seat makes you want to pull over and slap them both.
Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the film doesn’t really get going until Sally and Angela shut the hell up; trading in their mouths for an impressive variety of firearms. Fortunately, the fight choreography and acrobatic gunplay is better and more entertaining than the dialogue…yet is ultimately about as pointless.
A harmless enough diversion, the look and style of “Sally & Angela” is much better than the film as a whole. Whether my co-workers agree with me or not.

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