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By Film Threat Staff | July 19, 2002

Greg Capullo sure is leading the life. Not only does he have a top selling comic book, called The Creech, scattered across comic nerds’ bedrooms all over the country, but he also has Todd McFarlane at his side when both of them go to pitch the idea of The Creech as a movie to different studios. Of course, we won’t hold how bad the “Spawn” movie turned out against McFarlane, will we?

“It’ll be based on the book,” Capullo says of the hopeful screen adaptation of his creation. “There’ll, of course have to be some changes to adapt The Creech for the screen, but Creech fans won’t be disappointed. I think the new slant will add mystery and suspense to the Creech. It’ll definitely be cool.”

So there you have it. For those of you not in the know, Creech is short for “creature”, just like Squatch is short for “Sasquatch”. The Creech tells the story of a pacifist forced into violence, filled with action, suspense, horror, and humor. There have been two internationally published mini-series, a trade paperback, two toys (collect all two), & more.

Check out the official website for The Creech.

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