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By Film Threat Staff | April 10, 2002

Cool Beans Productions gets the evil going with their upcoming feature “Saintly”, the creepy story of a small town throwing down justice with the forces of evil:
“Saintly” tells the story of Abby Sterling, a young schoolteacher who finds her first day in a new job going from bad to worse when Jediah T. Kane and his carnival from Hell invade the town. The demonic Jediah has an old score to settle with the town of Saintly, and the events of seventy years ago may hold the key to unlock the mystery.
“Saintly” is also a landmark shift for CGI animation — most films utilizing the same style are created with kids in mind. “Saintly” proves that feature animation can be dark and demented while maintaining a crisp, quality feel.
The “Saintly” trailer and tons of other cool, weird stuff from the Cool Beans World can be found over at their official site. Check out Cartoonscape and the Borderline comics news area, too.
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