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By Eric Campos | September 8, 2002

This black and white film is a blend of classic horror and sadomasochistic kink that (according to the end credits) was apparently inspired by industrial rockers Gravity Kills and yes, it is as cool as it sounds.
His first night on the job at some security warehouse holding the possessions of a crazy old man, Peter is ordered to watch the goods throughout the night and not to mess with anything. But being alone on the graveyard shift can, and often does, lead to severe boredom, so Peter decides to go poking around in the stuff that he’s supposed to be guarding. This stuff includes a trunk full of old Famous Monsters magazines and a collection of vamped out mannequins, one of which, decked out in bondage gear, comes to life due to the kid’s meddling and starts beating his chubby a*s with a whip.
Oooo. Where do I get a job like that? And what a buttcrack this Peter kid is, he’s not only getting a beatdown from a sexy blonde woman in leather, but he’s also getting paid for it AND HE’S BUMMED!!! I don’t get it. That’s a job I could show up early for everyday.
“SadoMannequin” is a loving tribute to horror films from yesteryear with a sexy twist and I like it.

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