EPISODE 4: CAP’N RON STRIKES BACK ^ Yes, I Do Have A Point Here ^ So, how do all these rationales apply to the self-styled lord of the fanboys? Let’s see. Admittedly, there’s a bit of stylistic excess in my take on Dogma. Rereading it, all I can say is that I must have been in rare form that day. I do stand by my core beefs: the views presented on religion aren’t nearly thought out enough. The writer apparently hasn’t come to balanced terms on the whole deal. The pacing is all over the place, often stopped dead in its tracks by jarring Catholic monologues. Technically, the picture (like Smith’s others) isn’t shot that well. As seen before, Smith is too reliant on medium and two-shots for everything. Again, if the director doesn’t want to address this, the cinematographer is usually happy to correct the matter. Just stay out of his way. ^ Would I be this nitpicky with Smith on “Clerks”? Absolutely not. Now is different. Now Smith has five feature films under his belt. With that experience he should have been learning more of his craft along the way. By now, he should know better.
…AND ONE LAST THING ^ I believe the final charge made against me was about getting personal. Hey, if you’re going to make “personal” films related to “personal” subjects, then “personal” attacks become valid…
…WAIT FOR IT… ^…to a point. Beyond a certain point the attacker is just being an a*****e. Going over my original comments from nearly two years ago, I will have to admit then I may crossed the line a couple of times. Though I’m generally good about not going too far (no, really), my only shitty little defense here is that I was on a roll. Whatever people say about me or Gore on the Internet, I largely ignore it unless I see outright lies or misrepresentations the public might actually believe. Only then do I feel the need to step in to say anything. I can begrudge anyone the same right. ^ Kevin, I was out of line and you were justified to be a little pissed. Whatever problems I have with you as a filmmaker do not justify commentary about you beyond the context of your work. All I can say now is, I’m sorry.
Hmmmm…, am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah, this would probably be a good time to actually review the new film!
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