By Film Threat Staff | July 25, 2005

If you’ve been to Park City, UT in the last few years for the film festival madness there, chances are you’ve met Dan Mirvish. Slamdance co-founder and “Mad-Hatter of Park City,” Mirvish has been giving back to the independent film community for over ten years. Recently, while attempting some home improvements, Dan lost the war on gravity while working in the loft of his house. In the ensuing fall, Dan severely broke his leg in a number of places as well as breaking his shoulder and, before all was said and done, lost 40% of the blood in his body.

Dan was rushed to the hospital and into a seven hour surgery to repair the damage to his leg, and has since been informed of another surgery in the coming weeks to graft bone onto the still fragile leg. As if that isn’t enough, his next few months will be wheelchair bound with the prospect of his continuing days being assisted with a cane.

We at Film Threat consider Dan Mirvish a personal friend and a hero of independent film. His efforts towards opening the doors for independent filmmakers, whether it be through the creation of Slamdance or his continued attention and advice to beginning filmmakers, are to be commended. In a time when Courtney Love can faint at the Roosevelt and get national news coverage, it seems an affront to the indie film community that Dan Mirvish can get severely injured and there’s not a peep anywhere.

The coming months are going to be difficult for Dan and his family, and we’d like to take this opportunity to facilitate any well-wishes you may have for Dan Mirvish. If you’d like to send a card of support or thanks to Dan for all his work for independent film, a care package of canned goods or, the ultimate, a new hat for Dan Mirvish to model one year in Park City, please send them to:

Film Threat

Attn: Get Well Dan Mirvish

5042 Wilshire Blvd., PMB 1500

Los Angeles, CA 90036

If you’re not able to send something via practical mail, but still wish to send your support, you can personally email Dan at or post your support and/or amusing anecdotes about Dan (because we’ve all got them) in our Back Talk forums in the Get Well, Dan Mirvish thread.

Please take a moment to show support to Dan and his family. He’s been giving to the independent film community for over ten years, let’s give a little something back.

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