By Mark Bell | April 28, 2012

Rogue Cop School is a webseries about a unique police training program, wherein recruits are taught how to be the hero while shunning authority and acting as the unhinged “loose cannon” of the police force (you know, like the anti-hero of almost every police-themed action film). In the case of the first two episodes of Season One (the only episodes available at the time of review), the series focuses on Officers Aaron (Aaron Lohr) and Augie (Agustine Welles), the two newest members in the training program.

Officer Aaron is actually a quality cop, one with the skills to do his job without working outside the system… which is why he is immediately deemed by the Professor (Michael Gentile) to be the underachiever in the class, and given the nickname of “Nutsack.” His partner Officer Augie, also known as Fox Pants, is the exact opposite. Overweight, a bit cowardly and inept at his job, Fox Pants takes to the fake anti-authority posturing and posing and excels. As the two deal with their first assignment, a fake meeting with a fake drug kingpin while undercover, Nutsack and Fox Pants find themselves in the midst of a real turf war.

The series knows the films, characters and situations it is spoofing, and the knowledge and appreciation shows. Even as Nutsack fails at being a rogue cop, his very failure makes him the most rogue of all those in class. Meanwhile the jokes keep coming and the situation becomes more absurd, though not overly so; the series allows the premise to be the most absurd aspect, and then utilizes realistic scenarios within that premise.

As I mentioned before, as of the time of this review, only the first two episodes were available online, but I’m already hooked and looking forward to the next installments. The potential is there for this to only get better, as the story seems to be aimed in the right direction. Whether it pays off on its promise I can’t say, but I’ll be sure to stick around to find out.

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