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Aurora Picture Show presents “Rock Star Parking,” a program of film and video by and about the physically disabled curated by Houston based artists Carlos Lama and Denise Ramos.
About 9 percent of American college students are disabled. Find out straight from the source what it’s like to be physically disabled, from getting trapped in an inaccessible public restroom, to playing practical jokes with your friend’s prosthetic leg. These individual portraits and performance works put to rest stereotypes and shine a positive light on America’s disabled. Here’s a look at the screening schedule:
Saturday, November 10, 8pm ^ Feeling Space, 1999, Iain Piercy, 10:00, Scotland ^ Passion: The Game of Life, 1999, Bob Woodall, 11:00, USA ^ Cousin, 1998, Adam Elliot, 5:00, Australia ^ Speed Racer: Welcome to the^ World of Vic Chesnutt, 1993, Peter Sillen, 30:00, USA ^ Access Disabled, 2001, Shin hee Park, 6:00, USA ^ Snack and Drink, 1999, Bob Sabiston, 3:00, USA
Sunday, November 11, 3pm ^ Brother, 1999, Adam Elliot, 8:00, Australia ^ Teach Me To…, 1999, Ellen Walters, 12:00, USA ^ Necessary Action, 2000, John Killacky, 5:00, USA ^ Breathing Lessons, 1996, Jessica Yu, 35:00, USA ^ The Road Taken, 1999, Bob Woodall, 6:00, USA ^ Bruce, Ruth Sergel, 3:00, USA
Carlos Lama ^ Carlos Lama has been involved in a variety of artistic disciplines including music, video, and theater. He studied film and video at the HISD School of Communications, received a Certificate of Audio Engineering from HCC, attended the National Theater Workshop for the Handicapped in New York, has been in a few local bands, and likes singing songs to a receptive audience (especially his wife). While slumbering on his 23rd birthday he flew through the window of a car and sustained a spinal cord injury. When posed with the question, “Will you get better?” he usually says “Yes.”
Denise Ramos ^ Denise Ramos holds an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, and considers herself a self-taught artist. She has been painting for four years and playing the electric guitar for 9 years, and is in the process of putting together an EP. Denise is the founder and director of Dramos Studios (, an artist’s exhibition space and sponsored studio program. She was recently included in New American Painting Magazine and is preparing for a solo show at Women and Their Work in Austin. In 1988, Ramos was in an automobile accident and sustained a spinal cord injury caused by a lap belt. She has since designed a personal walking program that has generated a 60 percent improvement in her lower leg mobility.
Get more info at the Aurora Picture Show web site.
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