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By Admin | June 27, 2006

Buck Fiesta of the Rock and Roll Space Patrol is sent to planetary Outpost 11 and it looks conspicuously like Earth. His mission is to put a stop to Dr. Spider Jones and his use of Icebox Fusion. Dr. Jones has created an army of Temporal Ninjas that aid him in his dastardly plan to produce a land of mindless consumers. Now, this outpost is even more like Earth. With the help of Red Arrow and Agent Unknown, Dr. Spider Jones is not stopped. The mission fails and the boys entertain themselves by shooting lasers at cows. Cows that were presumably “bomb cows”, or so the “Where Are They Now?” featurette tells us.

“Rock and Roll Space Patrol” is far better than the title leads one to believe, but at 60 minutes it does get a bit tedious and would have benefitted greatly from some extra time spent in the cutting room. Still, with its interesting P.O.V. shots, clever editing and loads of chroma-key not-so-special effects this indie comes away as a good watch, albeit corny. It was shot on video in Springfield, Missouri and features an original Rock and Roll score.

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