By Admin | January 27, 2004

Damn right Bruce Alcock had better thank Woody’s Wood Shop with all the lumber used to make this short. Yep, you read it right. Lumber. Many planks of wood. Combine that with the use of leaves, berries, claymation, and you’ve got yourself a unique short, that deals with an old man (well, not that old. He sounded like he was in his 60s or so), who calls up and leaves a message on an answering machine that the person he’s calling should not decide to find ways to clean up his property. The old geezer likes it the way it is. Only problem here is that he left the message on the wrong machine. Director Alcock, using this answering machine message, certainly finds ways to make exciting the most mundane parts of life, such as pushing that gray, or black, or whatever color button it is to hear the messages left on an answering machine. This is a good one. 

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