By Admin | January 20, 2006

Fighting crime in Gotham City and making the city safe isn’t enough for Robin (Justin Long) to be successful in finding a girlfriend. Or maybe it’s because of The Bat-Man (Sam Rockwell) hanging out with him at the most inopportune moments, especially when he’s waiting for Kate (Callie Thorne) at a restaurant. Writer Will Carlough wonders if Batman and Robin could ever spend time away from each other and with how vulgar and too straightforward The Bat-Man is (he even asks Robin if his date is actually a hooker), Robin is apparently never going to come into his own. Adding to the raucous charm of this speculation are the costumes worn by Rockwell and Long, simple Halloween get-ups, enough to get the point across. Rockwell clearly enjoys the experience, Long looks appropriately embarrassed, and it’s another fun trip for comic book fans and fair-weather readers, and complete zealous joy.

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  1. wondergirl2014 says:

    way way better than Movie 43!

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