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By Alan Ng | September 2, 2021

Dan Abramovici’s short film, Liminal, focuses on a man named Steve (Aaron Poole), who is caught between living two lives. In one life, he is a family man with a wife and child. In the other, Steve is passionately in love with a transgender woman.

It’s easy to forget that short films are a viable medium of art. They are not always locked into telling a traditional narrative, nor do they need to be mini-feature films. Instead, like art, shorts are an effective way to conjure emotion within a given audience.

“…a man named Steve, who is caught between living two lives.”

The artistry of Liminal comes as these two very different worlds begin to converge, as Steve finds himself slipping seamlessly from one world to the other. However, the convergence soon becomes claustrophobic as he is forced to face his true self.

Writer/director Abramovici employs very little dialogue and a haunting soundtrack. He uses quick cuts and clever transitions to move Steve from one scene to the next quickly. As a result, much of the drama features Steve walking in a dream-like state sandwiched between his two realities.

With Liminal, Abramovici masterfully guides us through this emotional symphony of one man’s quest to find his authentic self.

Liminal (2021)

Directed and Written: Dan Abramovici

Starring: Aaron Poole, Emily Piggford, Vlad Alexis, Tianna SwamiNathan, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Liminal Image

"…an effective way to conjure emotion within its audience."

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