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By Heidi Martinuzzi | December 29, 2004

My visit to the set of “Devil’s Rejects” on June 29th, the sequel to the horror film House of 1000 Corpses, was not my first. I had been there two weeks earlier through Jodi, Rob Zombie’s assistant (an awesome chick). We had a tour of the set, we got to say hi to Bill Mosely, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon, Rob Zombie, Kane Hodder, and ate lunch with the crew. We got to watch some scenes being shot, and took as many pictures as we wanted. That’s why, when I showed up at the press day on the 29th, I realized that it was a much more hectic day than the one I had previously experienced.

The film was shot entirely in 30 days in hot sweaty Canyon Country in California, land of Horses and Six Flags theme parks. It stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig, and Bill Mosely reprising their roles from the first film, plus Ken Foree, William Forythe, Danny Trejo, PJ Soles, Ginger Lynn Allen, Leslie Easterbrook, and Kane Hodder join on to add to the fun!

The sets rock, quite hard in fact. They have a murky pond (the same used in Disney’s Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy) a strip club, a train, wooded areas, all kinds of strange buildings and a great looking cast. I’m glad I got a few pictures last time, cause they weren’t letting press take any at all.

When I arrived, I met up with my good friend Mr. Disgusting from Bloody Disgusting, and press from Cinetastique, Cinescape, Creature Corner, and of course, me from Film threat. We all got comfy in the hot sun of the Canyon Country California summer heat, while I literally smoked myself to death with a pack of Capris. I was, as usual, the only girl there. (Press and horror usually means boys. Maybe that’s one of the main reasons I took this gig). As we were waiting in agonizing (agoooonizing) heat, I lathered myself and all my new friends with sunscreen so we wouldn’t burn. I burned anyway. Apparently we were having problems coordinating Sheri, Bill, William, Rob, and Sid for the interviews.

To appease us, they gave us each a Rob Zombie CD. It rocketh. When lunch came and we still hadn’t had one interview yet, it became quiet apparent that press was just a nuisance to everyone, and it probably wasn’t the best day for us to be there. Oh well, f**k it. I drove up to canyon country, and I ain’t leavin’ till I get an interview. That’s how we all felt.

Eli Roth (director of indie horror box office hit Cabin Fever) showed up and entertained us for a while with his witticisms (not really) and his hot bod, but we were getting anxious. I made him hang out with me anyway.

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