By Brian Bertoldo | September 20, 1999

Sexploitation at its finest, Revenge of Mr. Willie, serves up the terrifying tale of a penis brought back to life from the great beyond. Set in present day Los Angeles, Revenge of Mr. Willie utilizes the same conventions of B-grade “back-from-the-dead” horror films, scantily clad women and cheesy special effects, while adding a new twist. The characters aren’t being stalked by a zombie or evil poltergeist, it’s something much more terrible, a severed three inch penis – that can fly.
While watching a late night horror flick about a severed arm brought to life, our lead and occasional narrator, Samantha ( Michelle Eib), tells us a little about her roommates, Fiona and Taylor. Fiona’s (Gladys Hans) the sultry seductress, who prefers to toy with her men, bringing foreplay to new levels, before turning them away just before any actual sex. While Taylor (Brandie Rocci) is more of the girl next door, blindly falling for her cheating boyfriend, Pete (Mike Habusch). The girls are working on a research project for an author. The topic, reanimation, or bringing the dead back to life. While on a visit to a psychic, Taylor accidentally spills some supernatural goop (ectoplasm?), on her crotch. Meanwhile Pete and his penis, Mr. Willie as he likes to call him, are busy juggling marathon sex sessions with two other girlfriends, Marney (Diane Alouise) and Tasha (Cari Schechere). It all hits the fan when Taylor shows up for some good lovin’ from Mr. Willie. While in the act, Pete collapses, dead from exhaustion. Marney and Samantha find them and a knife fight breaks out between Marney and Taylor. In the process, Mr. Willie is accidentally chopped off. The police arrive but Mr. Willie is no where to be found. The girls are given one day to produce the missing penis or someone’s going to jail. In a hilarious series of events, Mr. Willie turns up back at Taylor’s apartment attacking her and roommates Fiona and Samantha. In addition to scurrying around terrorizing everyone he encounters, Mr. Willie also flies and makes puppy-like yelping sounds. In one scene Mr. Willie turns up back at his (Pete’s) apartment, driving an electric car off of Tasha’s naked butt. Eventually he’s captured and with the help of the psychic, who gives Taylor another special gel to return Mr. Willie to the dead, an attempt is made to get rid of him. Marney and Tasha turn up to stop them, with Tasha grabbing the jar that holds the little penis screaming “free Willie.” Mr. Willie is once again on the loose. While the love sick Tasha desperately searches for Mr. Willie, even taking out ads in magazines. After being run over by rollerbladers and getting caught in a spider’s web, the little penis on the loose can’t last forever on the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles.
With more sex scenes than a late night Skin-a-Max feature and a flying, screaming severed penis, Revenge of Mr. Willie breaks new ground in bad taste humor and ridiculous horror.

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