Tivo and Fandango have hooked up, f****d and had a child named Fangtivo. He was 17 pounds, 8 ounces and both parents are doing fine. But seriously…they have partnered to allow Tivo customers to buy movie tickets from their television sets. Brilliant! Buying movie tickets has become quite a chore these days so not having to move your fat a*s off the couch in order to avoid that line at the theater is a big help. Now if they could only find a way to allow us to get popcorn and drinks ahead of time.

Starting December 1, Fandango kicked into gear with Tivo showing movie info and showtimes, theater info and the ability to purchase tickets all upon startup of your Tivo system. Apparently Tivo is way more into Fandango though because we found all this info at and it was nowhere on That Fandango, what a player. Wake up Tivo! You baby’s daddy don’t love you!

Read the full story at Tivo>>>

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