Brian Iannone is a 17-year-old American filmmaker who created an impressive travelogue-style documentary short called “Reunion Island: An Overview.” This seven-minute production, which can be seen online, is remarkable for its unusually handsome views of the Indian Ocean island.

The film offers a narration-free view of the flora, fauna and rugged landscapes of Reunion Island.  The elusive Endormi chameleon and the majestic Piton de la Fourneaise volcano turn up, along with pristine beaches, intoxicating cloud formations and the promise of a tropical paradise that could make any jaded city dweller green with envy. The film avoids visiting Reunion’s municipal settings – the capital of Saint-Dennis is only seen by a twilight view of the city’s distant lights.  It is a smart decision, since the film exists to celebrate natural beauty and not urban planning.

Iannone’s wonderfully sharp visual sense – the filmmaker worked primarily with a Canon 7D with a 24-70mm f/2.8L – is blessed with a stylish Vangelis-style score by Derek Palmer and Dmitry Lifshitz. Quite frankly, the government of Reunion Island should give these young men medals for doing a killer job in capturing the beauty and mystery of this remote location – this is the best advertisement that Reunion could ever get.

It is always a joy to witness the arrival of young new talent. If this impressive short is any indication, Iannone and his team have fine cinematic futures awaiting them.

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