In tribute to the recently deceased Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and former President of the United States, Gerald Ford, Film Threat presents the following two “Saturday Night Live” classic skits:

“James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party” starring Eddie Murphy

It’s too hot in the hot tub! Will it make him sweat? Will it make him wet? HAAAAAAaaaah! We’d much rather remember James Brown for his utter insanity as portrayed by Eddie Murphy in this skit or via his turn as the Reverend in “The Blue Brothers” than all those years he spent in prison.

“Tom Brokaw Reports on Gerald Ford’s Death” starring Dana Carvey

Really, Taft? We know we could’ve gone with a million “Chevy Chase pretends he’s Ford and falls into s**t” skits, but this one, starring Dana Carvey, has been the most resonant. Ten years ahead of its time, and all funny.

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