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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 21, 2004

Dissatisfied with your current job? Want to find good work that doesn’t end up having you fully armed with an Uzi and a watermelon with the boss’s head drawn on it? You should try finding gainful employment with the universe-renown Empire because not only will you be part of an elite group of evilness (not always smart because look at what happened to the Death Star), but there are many choices, as opposed to just sitting at a desk all day, pushing what appear to be important papers, but ones that could actually be part of a money-laundering operation. You never know with some of these employers.

“Recruitment”, in a swift, well-crafted six minutes not only has time to show the many positions that can be held within the Empire (Emperor is not one of them), but pulls a running gag throughout that has a Stormtrooper looking for a woman, any woman that might be working within the Empire. Yes, working in groups that contain nothing but men can be disheartening, but who can argue with a full medical benefits package that you get access to right away?

Stromtroopers, TIE fighter pilots, and guarding the Emperor are all part of what the Empire stands for. And watching trainee Stormtroopers try their hands at firing off guns and working hard to breathe under their helmets (with no hope for eyesight either, since it’s apparently hard to see under those things), the Empire’s either screwed or……screwed. This view of the Empire may either turn you on to joining it or turn you off from getting involved, but this view has been brought to you by a talented group that finds its humor in what seem like subdued situations. Since this is the Empire, there’s no over-the-top craziness, but merely good dialogue and trainee Stormtroopers that show you can’t go wrong at all if you want to get a laugh that way. I’m sure as hell not joining the Empire after watching this, and it’s not even “Recruitment” that turns me off, but I still have a few morals left. However, I don’t mind watching it a few times more because it’s worth it.

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