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By Rory L. Aronsky | April 3, 2005

Scott Zier’s the man to see when it comes to checking out the inner workings of the Empire, the strapped-to-a-career drones slaving away on the Death Star and liking it. Take the Death Star Gunner in “Real Men of the Empire”. He’s the lowest of the low in the chain of command in the Empire, but he really does have it good. No possibility of getting caught in the crossfire of a battle between Vader’s team and the Rebellion groupies while flying a ship that’s hard enough to pilot. No way of getting killed right away. And the ultimate insurance policy: Death comes quick once good ol’ boy Luke fires the goods into the Death Star’s weakness.

The best benefit for this gunner is that drinking on the job isn’t such a big deal, at least in the course of the commercial that the Storm Troopers at the bar find it necessary to bitch at. It’s good that someone’s giving attention to those saps at the bottom of the chain with no love. Now if Zier can give some minutes to those hard-working assassins out there, doing what’s best for all out evil, I’m set.

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