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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 11, 2008

I’m really curious why “A Writer Named Phil Hall” would have such trouble getting into IMDB. I’ve submitted it three times, and it even has a Rotten Tomatoes meter and yet still it really doesn’t qualify for entry into the database.

IMDB states that in order for a film to be entered, it has to have some specific qualifications, including a review from Film Threat. Everything else in its favor is pretty irrelevant.

I’m a fan of Storyteller films, and it was interesting see Phil Hall discuss writing. If you’ve ever managed to talk to him before, he’s a man with a lot of stories and experience.

He’s on screen for almost a half hour, and his one intent is to teach and guide instead of boast of his endless accomplishments. Which is not to say his accomplishments are worthy of ignoring but for a special that would open the door for vanity, Hall is more intent on guiding.

Hall waxes methodical with plenty of basic rules and structure guidelines of the world of writing and places a great importance on anyone who writes and wants to write. He has plenty of experience, a lot of stories, and a lot of techniques and pointers for anyone who is serious about being a writer. Hall has a lot to share, and a lot to offer, and it’s a worthy video to watch if you’re indeed committed to writing and telling stories.

I’m curious why some short films simply won’t be given consideration unless there’s some sort of validation beyond the productions actually having been made, but if you’ve ever experienced this, it should be an interesting article to read Phil and many other filmmakers takes on submitting their films, and their difficulties with the odd guidelines IMDB enforces.

Because apparently a movie actually existing doesn’t really qualify.

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  1. Phil Hall says:

    PS The film is finally in the IMDB!

  2. Phil Hall says:

    Missing word: Jon Reeves said a Film Threat review would be a “slam dunk” for IMDB inclusion.

  3. Phil Hall says:

    Thank you, Felix. I will let you know if this review is enough to get “A Writer Named Phil Hall” in the IMDB. Jon Reeves, the head of their data department, said a Film Threat would be a “slam dunk” (exact quote). I will keep you posted on whether that happens.

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