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By Film Threat Staff | November 7, 2003

West Virginia-based independent production company Razor Sharp Productions recently purchased the horror screenplay “After Death” penned by Tony Urban. Razor Sharp head Eamon Hardiman will direct said script which goes into production in late November of 2003. Hardiman’s most recent project was another zombie romp, the gore-soaked “Escape From the Dead” which is currently in post-production.
Writer Tony Urban (“Poor White Trash,” “Kottentail,” “Klownz”) and his horror-themed production company Crazy Ralph Films will Associate Produce. Urban describes the project as, “a throwback to the great zombie films of Romero. Our zombies don’t run and they don’t talk, but you better believe they eat people. The movie has wall-to-wall gore including a finale that’s going to require barrels of the red stuff. What I’m most proud of though are the great characters. They aren’t your stereotypical horror movie victims – they’re people the audience will care about.”
Currently attached to star in the movie are Lance Steel (“Escape from the Dead”), Gia Terpstra (“A Pound of Flesh”), Sherry Thurig (“The Bonesetter”) and Jacque Sergent while negations are underway with several genre stars to make appearances.

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