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By Film Threat Staff | January 9, 2001

He’s Darth Maul to most, and Toad from “X-Men” to a few more. Actor Ray Park will soon add another notch to his martial arts-expert belt when he stars in the artisan feature film adaptation of the Marvel Comics series “Iron Fist”. The comic follows an American raised in the East who returns home to avenge the death of his parents. His super power? Channeling his chi into his fist.
The script will be adapted by John Turnman, whose other notable projects include “Buck Rogers” and “The Incredible Hulk”. You can expect this news to pop up on both the official [ Marvel ] and [ Artisan ] sites very soon, but thank [ ZENtertainment ] for the scoop. And check out the [ exclusive pics ] we nabbed of Ray when he was on “The X Show” last year.

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