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By Film Threat Staff | December 13, 2000

The folk of View Askew Productions have a proposition for you. Send them a photo of yourself (any size will do, but a head shot works best) along with a quick note explaining why your face should be a part of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” and give them your consent. Kiss it for good luck, and mail the whole mess to:
My Mug In Your Flick, Kev, Askews Me, Inc. ^ 4024 Radford Ave., Bungalow #20 ^ Studio City, CA 91604
You’ll be giving them permission to use the image in any way, shape, or form that they see fit. Yes, ANY way they see fit. Potentially, the snapshots may be used on some of the many, many “Missing Person” posters within the film. The deadline for this shot at semi-stardom is [ December 25th, 2000 ] . For more, see the [ the News Askew site. ] You can also hunt down details straight from [ View Askew. ]

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