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By Scott Knopf | March 5, 2009

Everyone needs something to turn to when times are tough. Some turn to religion, others enjoy various aspects of the adult entertainment industry, and Mike Tully…he collects rare chicken breeds and keeps them on his chicken farm in Queensland, Australia. Suffering from depression and anxiety, Tully became a recluse and his only real communication came from the clucking of his birds. After learning more about the history of Australian poultry, the hermitic bird man ventured out of his home and journeyed on a quest; a quest to locate two endangered bird breeds: the Summatran and the Azeel.

Combining fantastic visual effects (which sadly fade away as the film progresses) and interviews with Tully and other fowl fanatics equally as quirky as our lead character, “Rare Chicken Rescue” is…well, down-right delightful. Tully travels through five Australian and covers almost 10,000 kilometers in his musty chicken truck. What’s great about “Rescue” is how much we learn not only about chickens but also about our protagonist and how the two are more deeply connected to one another than would appear at surface level.

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