By Admin | January 9, 2006

It wasn’t too surprising to see Ray Dennis Steckler credited as The Voice because this film had the feel of one his movies all over it. And if you like Steckler’s films, chances are you are going to enjoy this short, as they don’t make movies like this anymore. I mean, how often can you find a low budget, beatnik, hipster, superhero type thing? That’s what I thought.
The minimalist plot centers on Itchy (David Ament), a clown whose girlfriend, Kitty (Emilee Wilson in some awesome makeup), has been kidnapped by the little person known only as Primo (Sebastian Saraceno). Itchy enlists the help of his friend Lobo (Sean Mejia), a Mexican wrestler dressed exactly as you’d expect, to help get his girl back. They go to the 666 Club (complete with some bare roots rock-n-roll as the entertainment) and get into a switchblade fight with the little man.
Face it, this is the type of film you either love or hate. It’s not meant to be deep or highbrow. It’s just good ol’ fashioned fun with goofy costumes and noirish dialogue, and I hope it marks the comeback of these movies.

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