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By Eric Campos | April 29, 2002

You know you have gold in your hands when you get a film by a cast and crew who refuse to be identified. This is also one of those rare films that could get by alone on it’s premise — a homosexual rape fantasy featuring Steven Spielberg and the films that have made him such a household name.
A disgruntled aspiring actor, who tends to like man-on-man action, takes advice from a washed-up actress to write his own ticket and basically f**k his way to the top. So, how does one do that, or an even better question, who to f**k? Steven Spielberg, of course. So, the disgruntled actor devises this whole plan to rape Steven Spielberg, which will in-turn manpussywhip the director to this aspiring actor, making him the new hottest ticket in town. But the aspiring actor needs to rehearse to make sure his shop wrecking skills are in-check, so he elects his neighbor, a drunken balding man, as his practice grounds.
No doubt, this film is based on the true-life story of that weirdo who showed up not long ago at Spielberg’s home in the hopes to tap that a*s. And although the idea itself, as disturbing or side-splittingly funny as it may be to folks, has the ability to carry this 35 minute film, the unnamed filmmakers have a twisted sense of humor that keeps the laughs at maximum level. This is what true indie film is about — sticking it to the man and having some great laughs along the way.

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  1. anon YMUS says:

    Avid globalist eugenics predicitve programmer Spielberg tiresomely
    at it again.

    MEANWHILE, while arch-globalist George Soros annoucnes days ago
    “(RED) China MUST OWN the New World Order”

    AND while UN ‘Green’ Czar Maurice Strong visits his favorite aunt
    who’s buried in Beijing right beside MAO TSE TUNG

    ——–it comes to light that globalist funded
    labs inside China aren’t just superivising their VAST
    forced abortion and eugenics programs —BUT that -some-
    of the unborn are being kept alive —-“for experiments”.

    Keep following the franchise slum lords kids! —-just keep a goin’!

    JUST REMEMBER, eugenics in the end —-ALWAYS includes —–YOU!


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