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By Eric Campos | July 9, 2005

Gedaload of this mess. Nathan and Maggie take a nice, romantic road trip to Napa Valley – their first trip together. Thing is, Nathan and Maggie both have boyfriends waiting for them back at home, boyfriends that have no idea that this road trip is a wild, passionate love affair on wheels, a love affair that could possibly lead to true love.


So we follow Nathan and Maggie along this road trip of lust and it’s hot and heavy for awhile until Maggie’s insecurities and Nathan’s homosexuality become nuisances for the other. And thus begins the longing for that special someone they have waiting for them at home – that special someone who, perhaps doesn’t bring them the ultimate joy they’re seeking, but at least they’re comfortable with them. And being comfortable is being dull.

So you get the idea. You want uncomfortable tales of love and woe, then “Race You to the Bottom” has what you’re looking for. And if you believe love is a disease that is meant to send people to screaming, burning hell, then you’ll have a laugh riot, a real knee slapper, like 1,000 fart jokes heard all at once.

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