Film Threat is proud to present a new webseries from filmmakers Mark Potts and Don Swaynos, Film Festicles. In this week’s episode, the director is not excited about the beginning of his festival. In fact, he probably would rather be dead. However, the show has to go on!

Written and Directed by Mark Potts and Don Swaynos
Starring Mark Potts, Reilly Smith, Anna Laura Epps, Don Swaynos, Jo Light
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Production Assistants: Reilly Smith and Anna Laura Epps

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  1. Allison says:

    This has to be a joke, because that first girl is so ugly, she tried to enter a Hallowe’en contest, and the judges said: “Sorry, no professionals”.

    What exactly is this about? The director would rather be dead so he is showing people who look like death?

    please explain

  2. Daniel says:

    agreed-dot-com mark
    all that first chic needs is a black hat and she would be a dead ringer
    does anyone know if she is wearing prosthetic makeup cuz i think for sure maybe not

  3. Natasha Ferrara says:

    Comment to the guy above – did you think she may be wearing prosthetic makeup so it would be funnier not scary?

  4. Mark says:

    As always, I was excited to view another episode then within the first few seconds Elphaba walks on set, the wicked witch of the west. A strong resemblance.

    If you are going to start using extras in your films don’t use scary ones because it takes away the funny.

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