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By Doug Brunell | July 20, 2004

There are two writers credited with this movie (Patrick Rogers and
Travis Ronkainen), but perhaps I missed something. Was there a story? Even the barest of plots? No. Instead there is forty odd minutes of “cool” guys puking, trucks flipping, and women flashing their breasts. Where the hell does the “writing” come in?

Nobody involved with this project is making the claim that this is an intellectually stimulating movie. To be quite honest, the only reason I even gave it one star was because I like watching rally racing, and it supports my theory that drunk guys in their twenties are some of the most annoying creatures to walk the planet, second only to drunk girls in their twenties. I kept hoping one of them would die, which would prompt me to give the film one more star, but that never happened. Instead we get shot after shot of guys jumping over fire and running around naked. It was as boring as it was homoerotic, which when coupled with all the bare breasts, sends quite the mixed message to viewers.

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  1. Audrey says:

    I think it was f*****g awsome!!!

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