By admin | July 27, 2005

“Divine Retribution” is an overambitious attempt to tell a crime story out of sequence.
A man awakes next to a shallow grave with no recollection of what he is doing there. The story is simple (or is if your brain can put it back in sequence) a guy and a girl are driving away from a scene of a robbery that they were a part of. Stopping along the way the girl meets up with an old boyfriend and that is what ultimately leads up to the shallow grave of someone unknown.

The film can only seem to maintain the viewer’s interest by telling the story in non-chronological order. While you are watching it you get all excited trying to keep up with what is going on while trying to mentally sought the sequences back in their normal order and once you do you realise the story ain’t so good. It is not a bad thing to be ambitious but I think this filmmaker thought that he was working on a feature film so if that was his attitude, this film was never going to hit its mark.

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