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By Doug Brunell | April 28, 2005

The warped mind of Chris Seaver is at it again with “Quest for the Egg Salad,” a fantasy comedy in the vein of that hobbit movie which far too many people saw. After watching it, one can safely say that Seaver is a lot more entertaining than that Peter Jackson fellow.

The plot, which doesn’t seem to matter as much as the jokes (a staple of Low Budget Pictures’ movies), involves some magical egg salad stolen from Bonejack (Chris Seaver) by the Goblin King (Jim Ekkebus). Bonejack puts together a band of unlikely adventurers headed by Balfazar (Jesse Green) and sends them on the quest to retrieve the picnic food item. Along the way the group picks up the elven Nienna (Tina Krause) and kills orcs. Pretty standard stuff, but the jokes are what sets it apart from other such fare.

Seaver, who wrote and directed this blasphemy of the highest order,
isn’t afraid to go for gross-out humor (as displayed in the movie’s opening minutes) or more clever gags. (The elves live in the Elijah Woods.) When it works, it couldn’t be funnier. When it fails, well, it still gets a chuckle or two.

“Quest for the Egg Salad” is a bold movie for Low Budget Pictures, and that makes it well worth watching. Some fans of “The Lord of the
Rings” trilogy may be offended by the film, but that’s because they don’t get the jokes and they’re a bunch of geeks. Seaver has actually made a loving tribute … albeit a very silly one with far more sex than its source material. Will it appeal to everyone? No. But for those who love Low Budget Pictures and its insane movies, this is one of the best.

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