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By Chris Parcellin | February 4, 2001

Well, this is your basic “zombies on a rampage” comedy. The fun-loving mutants seem to have a penchant for biting human faces off and, as you’ve probably guessed, there’s some puking here, too.
“Puking Zombies 13…” would’ve been cooler if Director Josh Weinstein had concentrated a bit more on the strengths he had to work with — meaning the punk bands — and a lot less on the tired, overdone zombie routine and not finding a new angle on it. (If you want to see a good job of taking punk rock and zombies and making it work, see another Tromadance Festival film called “The Collegians Are Go!”)
It would’ve been good to have seen/heard more from the Speed Devils, Skavoovie and the Epitones, and Blood for Blood, because their music was actually pretty good.

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