By Film Threat Staff | May 8, 2002

The new indie short Puddlejumper recently took home Best Comedy honors from the 2002 Arizona International Film Festival. But when do love and Montezuma’s Revenge not go hand-in-hand? The Puddlejumper filmmakers have generously provided some history for their audience:
During the early part of the 16th century, Montezuma II, the leader of the Aztecs, mistook Spanish conqueror Cortes for a former god-king, allowing him to enter Central America unopposed. The Spaniards conquered the Aztecs, changing world history.
The “revenge” of Montezuma was later named in the mid-20th century, as if the malady bestowed upon foreign visitors to Mexico and Central America were Montezuma’s “revenge” for the loss of his empire to the Spaniards.

Next time those jumbo tamales don’t settle, you’ll know the rich legacy of your infliction. In the meantime, check out the outstanding Puddlejumper site for a full story synopsis, cool photos, and Puddlejumper updates as they spew forth.
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