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By Brad Wilke | December 17, 2008

“Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre” is a great calling card. But not a very good movie.

If you are a producer out there that needs someone to take a group of good-looking actors, place them in a cliched horror film setting, run up the body count, splatter the screen with blood, and then leave the door open for a sequel, then look no further.

Paging Michael Bay… Michael Bay… please report to your trailer.

Directed by Robert Cosnahan from a script by Doug Howell and Wendy Wegner, “PHCM” attempts to subvert some well-worn horror tropes, but only manages to devolve quickly into self-parody before its nihilistic, here’s-your-sequel ending. The cinematography by Rob Toth is crisp and well-suited to the subject matter and Lynarion Hubbard’s editing keeps things moving at a brisk pace. Overall, it’s a well crafted short film, but it has no heart.

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