Get ready for Genghis Con, PA – November 18-20! This horror and entertainment convention is filling a need in Pittsburgh, as there hasn’t been a full-fledged terror-gathering in there city for several years now.
Genghis Con’s guests include guest-of-honor Herschel Gordon Lewis, making a very rare public appearance; Gunnar Hansen (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”); film authority and personality Joe-Bob Briggs (“Monstervision”, “The Daily Show”); Tom Sullivan (“The Evil Dead”), Reggie Bannister (The “Phantasm” series); Scream Queen Brinke Stevens; Amy Lynn Best (“Severe Injuries”); Jasmin St. Claire (“Swamp Zombies”; ECW manager); Debbie Rochon (“Nowhere Man”); author Joe Knetter; JimmyO and April Burril (“Chainsaw Sally”); the gang from Low Budget Pictures; the madmen from TOETAG PICTURES; director G. Cameron Romero (“24 Frames”) making his first convention appearance; make-up master Jerry Gergeley (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”); artists Dave Nestler (“Blonde & Gagged”) and Joe Jusko (“Tomb Raider”) and many more!
Events include ongoing screenings, make-up demonstrations, Q&A panels and much more. The fest also boasts the world premiere screening of the eagerly-awaited horror smash, “Skin Crawl” and the very first “PRE-union” for the upcoming film “Chainsaw Sally 2”.

For more info, visit the Genghis Con website.

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