By Felix Vasquez Jr. | February 3, 2006

One aspect of feminism, among many, that I have truly come to dislike is the fact that its become an elitist form of conviction that allows only a particular scope of people within its confines. A friend once said that feminism is elitist because it refuses to let men interact with the belief, or help in its cause, even when men believe in the cause too. One true aspect though is that feminism has become too much about deciding for, and dictating to women how they should live their lives. Feminism was once based on letting women live how they want to, however when certain women don’t live up to the ideals of certain persons within the structure, they’re judged, shunned, and most times ex-communicated. Feminism has truly become a snake eating its own tail, and with the character here, it’s the exact problem she’s experiencing. The character is a proud feminist, and though she chooses to live her life the way she wants through casual sex and sexual exploration, she still feels that she’s not living up to the ideals set forth within her belief lest she be judged. And for six minutes the character attempts to pick her own self apart and examine if she’s living how she should as a feminist until finally she makes her decision. The film begs the question, what is the ideal feminist? Is it just a fantasy? Or a standard that one can never live up to? “Pounds per Square Inch” is a truly enlightened view from the horse’s mouth.

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