Jek Porkins (Remember him? The dude from Bestine IV who was with the Alliance?) can’t find a blessed thing to watch on TV and, honestly, who hasn’t had one of those days? My example would be a day where Starz! has The Animal on, Starz! West has Corky Romano, Encore is playing “America’s Sweethearts”, and every other channel I watch just doesn’t do much for me (including the Sundance Channel and IFC once in a great while).
But how about Porkins’ channel surfing? On his TV, you can find “Droidass” (Yep, parody of “Jackass”), an Oola’s Secret commercial (Your eyes will implode after seeing Jabba in a bra), Nute Gunray denying speculation that things aren’t going well on Naboo; and in “Fistful of Carbonite”, the situation isn’t getting pretty at all. Golf is also on TV, with Darth Maul on the greens at the “Sith Open”, 16th hole.
It may be just an average TV-watching day for Jek, but for us, it’s great fun!

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