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By Eric Campos | December 7, 2004

In order to hasten our trip to the store for that carton of milk, case of beer or pack of rubbers, we always avoid eye contact with the people standing out front waiting to give us market surveys, sell us cookies, or threaten us with terrorist action, which is happening a lot lately from the picketers standing out in front of our grocery stores. Because we pay no mind to these people, we miss out on what life must be like for the every day solicitor. Sam Frazier, Jr. offers us a glimpse into this life.
Shot on digital video, this funny short has been made to look like an old silent film, complete with film scratches and dialogue cards. It depicts the struggle of solicitors to maintain their spot out in front of a grocery store. We watch as a girl scout selling cookies is bumped out of her spot by a pesky market survey woman, who in turn is muscled out by a prostitute, who is then replaced by a pan-handling bum who professes that he will work for food. This bum is then replaced by a more honest pan-handler who claims that he simply needs money for booze and then he is finally scared off by a Mormon. Yep, the Mormon will always send them packing.
Really cool short with some damn fine comedic pantomiming.

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