One week after the Miami Film Festival ends, festival director David Poland resigns in a tiff over bad press in the local media.
“There is a lot to be said about what happened with the Miami Film Festival and why I resigned less than a week after the festival ended last month,” says Poland from his Voices of Hollywood web site. “But I’m not really feeling the urge to discuss it right now. So I will hold my piece.”
Apparently it was bad press the festival received from the Miami Herald’s Rene Rodriguez that drove Poland to the brink. “I decided to write a letter to the editor,” Poland says from his site. “The Herald published it almost two weeks later. But mysteriously, the letter was edited to remove any criticism of the Herald’s coverage of the event. Hmm… seems like the media censoring opinion to me.”
Poland’s future plans remain uncertain.
For every last excruciating detail on this historic debacle, visit DavidPoland.com.
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