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By Admin | January 15, 2005

P.O. Box is not so much a horror film as it is a frightening comedy. The dynamic lead character, played by the director Ian Jones, is a man who runs a porn business out of his P.O. mailbox. When he accidentally gets the wrong package in the mail one day, his first instinct is to keep the nice ring attached to the severed finger that came along with the threatening note…but that’s where he makes a grave miscalculation.

P.O. Box is filmed like a Tales from the Crypt episode, when Tales from the Crypt was really good. Vivid colors jump off the screen, reds and greens in a comic-book set up. The music is interesting and fun. The editing is immaculate and the sound, visual, and lighting quality is top-notch.

Ian Jones as the lead carries the story and his acting is very consistent and funny. He has a knack for comedy that shines through in this film. Despite the laughable quirks of the main character, the plot is indeed sordid and sleazy, involving murder, amputation, and violent threats. Nicole Jones’ script is fast paced and deliberately shocking. There’s not a slacker on this film; from music to acting to editing this short is top-notch, and the ending packs a violent and brutal punch.

Jones has a feature length script in the works based on the characters in P.O. Box, which will be awesome if she sticks to the flavor of her short…

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