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By Pete Jones | September 24, 2003

In last week’s entry in PETE JONES’ “DOUBTING RILEY” DIARY, Pete completed production and headed to the wrap party for a much needed drink. Or five. With shooting complete, now post-production and insane deadlines are now staring him square in the eye…

We still haven’t assembled the whole film, so I have yet to sit down and watch “Doubting Riley” from beginning to end. From what I have seen though, we’ve got a very funny, absurd film, but I have no idea how it all weaves together. I don’t know if that sounds weird to have shot a film and edited so many scenes and still have no clue, but it’s the truth.

The toughest thing about shooting and editing for me is not being able to see the forest through the trees. I have an unfortunate instinct when shooting to just be focused on that day’s work. Since we shot the movie out of order due to locations and actor schedules, it’s easy to forget how the scene that’s being shot fits together with a scene that’s already been shot or due to be shot. So I almost want each scene to have a beginning, a middle, and an end as opposed to being a building block to the next scene. That’s the case with editing also until the whole movie is put together. I spend so much time working on one scene that I forget its purpose and just want the scene to be great, exclusive to how it fits in the movie.

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