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By Doug Brunell | May 25, 2004

This DVD features a strong group of short films from directors like Miranda July, Matt McCormick, Bill Brown, Naomi Uman and others. The films themselves range from the fantastic (“Getting Stronger Every Day”) to the hilarious (“Election Collectibles”) to the sublime (“The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal”). There are stories and documentaries, and more than one of the shorts will make you scratch your head as you try to comprehend just what is being done on the screen before you. These are, after all, the “best and brightest” films from Peripheral Produce’s seven year history.

As with any compilation, there are some misses. Brian Frye’s “Oona’s Veil” didn’t do much for me, while an equally experimental short from Naomi Uman called “Removed,” which was basically an old porno clip that had the female subject painted over in white, peaked my interest. Different strokes for different folks never applied more than it does here.

Fans of the short film will find their love of the medium elevated with this DVD, while detractors can find more ammo for their criticisms. It isn’t perfect, but it has more hits than flops, and these films all deserve to be
seen. Trust me, if one film doesn’t do it for you, the next few down the line will. There is something to appeal to just about everyone here … except those who can only watch a ninety minute Hollywood blockbuster. For those poor souls — I present “Van Helsing!”

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