By Doug Brunell | November 6, 2003

“” is dedicated to the millions of temp workers out there. You may be one of them. If you are, you know the jobs can sometimes suck, and those agencies that place you are fantasy farms for corporations and torture chambers for you. This film presents both views of this neoliberalism version of American slave labor, and it is pretty damn funny.
The film is in the form of an instructional video from, a temp agency that is more than happy to provide the potential wage slave with hints in order to make his or her “career” flow more smoothly (i.e., be on time, make the boss happy and be a suck up). This is buffered with some real-world advice where personal calls are encouraged and excuses are offered for those who have a habit of showing up late. Hey, your ovaries hurt, right? And what’s the worse they can do? Fire you? Big deal. Low-end jobs are a dime a dozen.
This is a great short film that should be shown to anyone just about to enter the wonderful world of work, especially since viewers are encouraged to be their own bosses by becoming prostitutes. You see, the irony is that you w***e yourself out one way or another. Why not make your own schedule? Besides, sex is fun, filing is not.
“” does for temps what Office Space did for business drones. Hilarious, subversive and true. I give this one two stolen staplers and free photocopies for the punk show you’re putting on in your basement.

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