By Admin | November 16, 2002

I know when I saw the title “Pee Jesus” on this movie my first thought was that it might be a behind-the-scenes look at the work of Andres Serrano. How wrong I was.
It’s about two guys in a bar. No wait; it’s about a jilted man and his slacker best friend. Hold on, it’s a story of searching within yourself for inspiration. Whatever it is, “Pee Jesus” takes its sweet time getting there.
Bobby and Sam are downing a few in a bar while Bobby laments a predicament so hackneyed it would make George Strait blush (his girlfriend left him and took the dog to boot). Sam one-ups him by telling him the story of his friend Liam (Jon Osbeck), who suffers the ignominy of finding out his recently deceased fiancée gave him VD via her secret marriage.
Liam ends up holing up with his friend Mancy (Harley Kaplan) who, as luck would have it, lives in a storage shed and dispenses wisdom in the manner customary to shiftless malcontents in indie shorts like this. On painful urination later, Liam discovers his nocturnal emission has taken on the aspect of Christ, and Mancy the Entrepreneur figures out a way to score financially from the phenomenon.
Jeremy Henthorn’s script has some clever moments, but the ending is something of a cop-out. Bobby echoes the audience’s sentiments when he tells Sam what a f****d up story he’s just told. Trimming some of the fat at the beginning of the film might have helped to draw us in more effectively as well.

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