By Chris Gore | May 25, 2000

Passion of Mind is a chick flick. And worse, it stars Demi Moore. Passion of Mind is a slow-moving chick flick written by Ron Bass that is kind of like the Gwyneth Paltrow film Sliding Doors.
In a dual performance, Moore stars as Marie and Marty. Marie is a lonely American widow raising her two daughters in France who has dreams of a life as a single businesswoman in New York. Marty is a single businesswoman in New York who dreams of a life as an American widow raising her daughters in France. Or is it the other way around? Both characters are so confused, they can’t figure it out for themselves, so Marty visits a psychiatrist who you might remember as Peter Riegert from Animal House. The story gets even more confused when Marie and Marty both fall for different men in their lives – one sweaty writer in France and a business acquaintance in New York. She sleeps with both of them and then wakes up feeling guilty. Is she cheating? Which life is real and which is the dream?
Now, I could see women really getting into this Harlequin romance-like story, but both men seemed kind of stiff. I mean, I’m not Gay or anything, but her lovers don’t seem like very attractive. Her French lover played by Stellan Skarsgaard is a sweaty, desperate, boozer with a big belly and her New York man is a yuppie weasel. I don’t know a lot about what makes a man handsome, heck, look at me, but I know these guys are not it.
While I really liked Demi Moore in “Striptease,” which made me rigid, “Passion of Mind,” left me frigid.

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