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By Film Threat Staff | January 27, 2003

All sorts of bizarre s**t can be found and bid on at Ebay…even a writer’s hopes and dreams.
In an attempt to call attention to his work, relatively unknown writer Byron Snyder will place his screenplay “Vegetation” on the auction block at Ebay, March 1st, with the starting bid at $25,000, a price considerably lower than the Writer’s Guild minimum.
Said to be a blend of “The Little Shop of Horrors,” “Alien” and “The Towering Inferno,” “Vegetation” is about an alien plant that comes to earth and plants itself at the foot of the Pyramid Building in San Francisco. Hey, it could be a winner…cast AJ Benza in the lead role and this could be the very film to set the world on fire.
Now of course nobody wants to put down $25,000 for a script they haven’t read, so “Vegetation” is available, in its entirety, to download and read at the writer’s website.
Check it out at BSP Live.

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